Monday, November 16, 2009

My Testimony

My testimony about the Gospel is very great. I believe that the Gospel will help you throughout your life, even in the hardest challenges. The Lord will help you overcome whatever obstacle you have in whatever position that you are in. I personally have had many experiences with the Gospel helping me in my life.
Also, I believe that the Book of Mormon is one of the best books you can read to help strengthen your testimony, and to build a better relationship with the Gospel. I personally believe that if you have the Gospel in your lives that you will receive blessings that you need, and you will also be strengthened in many other ways as well.
The Holy Ghost will guide you and help you in whatever way you can only if you let him. If you have faith in the Gospel and in Jesus Christ, then you will receive the blessings that you need. That is how the Gospel helped me throughout the trials in my life.

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  1. Alex, your testimony is simply put, and yet powerfully inspiring! I sense that you deeply feel and believe what you are testifying of!! Thanks for sharing your testimony!



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