Monday, November 16, 2009

How do we know this life is real?

How do we know this life is real?
Amy Boyle.
I often would ask myself this question when I was younger, why am I here? What is it that I’m supposed to do? And is this real? Many adults, teens, and children struggle with these questions I am here to tell you some ways you can find the answers to these questions if you are interested. To find these answers it takes serious work effort, you have to have a desire to know and understand these questions or other questions you might have. I cannot tell the answers to your life however I know someone who can and he is always with you he is just waiting for you to ask him. If you haven’t figured it out yet he is our Heavenly Father he is the one who created us and sent us here to earth to learn, teach, and grow with our agency. With this agency we are also given responsibilities and consequences for our actions and choices. It is Heavenly Fathers part to tell you what your purpose is and he may not tell you right away however he will tell or help you to come to understand or find your answers. I can help you search and tell you some ways to find answers however it is your duty to search and seek them on your own. 1st if you are not comfortable to pray or not ready then you can even purchase a Book of Mormon if you need to or a Bible, inside you can find many answers to your questions or yearnings. There is no certain reference I know for your questions, it is up to you to find, search, ponder, and pray. The last three are some typical ways to find an answer to a question. This process will not work if you are not calm, relaxed, and have a true desire to know. God will not just give you or answer you need to work for it and he will help you along the way to receive your answer, do the best you can and after you have done the best you it is in Gods hands and he will deliver. I testify that he is real and loves each and everyone of us, that he prepares a way for us and is always there. He has uncompacional love and confidence in us and if you ask he will deliver.

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  1. Amy, Your post inspires me and will encourage all who read it! Thank you!



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