Monday, November 16, 2009

My Testimony

My testimony began to grow in my childhood when we would have family prayer and scripture study. This has developed my testimony. Now I have an eager feeling to read the Book of Mormon and understand its truth. The Bible and Book of Mormon relate to each other and reveal truth.
We have a living prophet today that scans the world, teaching others about the gospel.

Missionaries also preach the gospel in certain areas as messengers of Christ for two years. My brother is currently on a mission in Mexico, teaching the people there about salvation, the atonement, and other gospel truths through the spirit of the Holy Ghost. My family is able to write to him weekly and understand what things are like for him.

Everyone’s purpose on earth is to be tested to see if we are worthy to return to our Heavenly Father. Even if we sin, we can be forgiven by Christ’s Atonement. Some common sins are lying, stealing, and respecting our parents. Commandments of God are not restrictions; they are fences that allow us to listen to the Holy Ghost’s promptings and keep evil temptation out.

The three members of the Godhead are our Heavenly Father, Christ – the Son of God, and the Holy Ghost.

Everyone in the world is born with a conscience to discern between right and wrong. At the age of eight, we are baptized and confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead that prophecies truth unto our spirit.

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  1. Daniel, I appreciate your strong testimony! Thanks for sharing it!



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