Monday, November 16, 2009

Being Examples and Serving Others

Being Examples and Serving Others

As children born into privileged, righteous, latter-day saint families, we have a responsibility to be examples to others, and to share our beliefs. We have the opportunity to many things and serve many people.
Jesus Christ was the ultimate example. He dedicated his mortal life to serving others. He healed the blind, the lame, lepers, and many others. He even raised people from the dead and brought them life. We should also be examples of service.
The youth have many opportunities to serve others. In our Young Men/Women activities we frequently do service activities. We can help young mothers, elderly people, or anyone who has some need. One great way to serve others is to go to the temple regularly and do baptisms for the dead.
Another way to be an example is to stand up for your beliefs. As members of the church we have standards that the rest of the world does not. It is our responsibility to show others how we believe we should act.
Yet another way to be an example is to participate in your community or country. We can vote when we are old enough, write letters to support our representatives, or participate in or direct a community service project.
When young men turn 19, they go on a mission. They dedicate 2 years of their life to the Lord’s work. This is one of the most charitable acts anyone could accomplish.
Sheri L. Dew said, “We understand where we stand in the great plan of happiness. With these privileges comes great responsibility, for “unto whom much is given much is required” (D&C 82:3), and at times the demands of discipleship are heavy.”
I believe that we can stand up for our beliefs and become worthy examples to others.

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  1. Hannah, You are a WONDERFUL example to others! I'm grateful for your testimony of this!



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