Monday, November 30, 2009

The wall!

When I start a conversation with a person I have just meet you always ask the same questions. For example how old are you? And in my case how tall are you? (Because I’m really tall which really seems to be the only thing we end up talking about.) Occasionally we get onto the topic of what religion we belong to. When I answer I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, the wall goes up!
Meaning, if you’re a Mormon then I don’t want to talk to you or be your friend, because you don’t know how to have fun. You’re restricted by all these things your not a loud to do, and there’s not just a little, there’s so many. I can’t be your friend if you’re a Mormon because you couldn’t do the things I want to do.
Whenever this happens it makes me feel very sad for that person, that they don’t want to understand our church and the easiest thing to do is put up the wall and not try and learn. As a church I think we have a lot more fun than a lot of parties this person would have gone to. Just because we have guidelines it doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun. A lot of the time its those guidelines that help define us and the things we do. We know when to stop something, or walk away from inappropriate situations, we also know that its good to have fun in a appropriate way. I know I’ve been to parties where I’ve had to leave because of the feeling that was there. I’ve never had that problem when I hang out with good Mormon kids. But this is just my thoughts you can disagree with me if you want to. These are just my thoughts.

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