Monday, November 16, 2009


On Saturday November 8th 2009 I entered a speech contest. I talked about the fact that we need to Learn, Work, and sometimes Fight to maintain our freedom. That night I went to a Benefit Concert put on by my school, American Heritage. It was called the “Price of Freedom”. It was a story of 4 young men and the families they left behind in WWII. The Actors read letters from the young men to their families. If I had gone to that concert before I spoke at the contest my speech would have been drastically different. As they showed clips of what they went through and told stories of what they did, I asked myself could I do what they did? Would I have the courage to ”march toward the grave” as they described it?

With the Gospel of Jesus Christ I Know I can do anything, that the Lord needs me to do. The Gospel is true and I know God lives, and that we can do anything that is his will, even if it seems impossible.


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