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This blog has been created for the main purpose of spreading the truth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from the perspective of its everyday members from across Utah. We are here to answer questions from investigators, other members, or people who just want to know more about the Church from its members.
One of my favorite gospel topics to discuss is weather or not we are truly Christian, and all I can say is, we are! I believe that Jesus Christ, was born of the Virgin Mary to atone for the sins of man, and to bring us back to the father from our fallen and carnal state. I believe that without Christ, no man can or will ever come to God, and that through Him, our sins can be and will be forgiven. I believe that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three separate beings, but one in purpose, I believe that Both God the Father and Jesus Christ have physical bodies, totally alike, and that we are created in Their image. I believe that though we are fallen, if we come onto Christ, we will have Eternal Life, and live with God forever, I believe in Eternal Progression, and that if we are faithful, all that is the Fathers will be ours. I believe that God is Infinite and Everlasting, that He is perfect and that no evil comes from Him.
Satan and Pre-mortal Life
I believe that in the pre-mortal life Lucifer, more commonly known as Satan, led a rebellion against God and was cast out with one third of the hosts of heaven who followed him. The war we fought was for our agency, the very ability to think, act and learn for ourselves, had Satan won, (which is totally impossible) we would not even be able to think for ourselves, he would have had absolute and utter control over us. I believe that because we were faithful to God in the Premortal life, we were sent earth to get bodies and all that have come, are here and will come, to/on this earth or any other, fought for God in the life before.
Agency, and Why God allows evil to persist
I believe that because God respects our agency, he allows wars, persecution, murder, pain and any other ungodly act upon this earth to happen, because He respects our agency. Some may ask why we commit these acts, but I say it is because Satan is real, he exists and he wants us to be miserable like him. I know God loves us, and that through Christ’s Atonement, we will be blessed at the last day. I bear witness to these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  1. Quinn, What a POWERFUL testimony you have! You will be an amazing missionary!



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